What do the two strings of black beads in the mangalsutra represent?


1. Mangalsutra

As per Hindu Dharma, mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her married status. Each person makes a mangalsutra for the bride as per his capacity. If it is not possible to make a mangalsutra with a cord of gold or silver, they make it by stringing black beads in a thread.

1.1 Importance of Mangalsutra

  • Due to the mangalsutra the woman remains conscious of Dharma, duty and rules. Wearing mangalsutra is an important conduct for a married woman. This is called code of Righteousness for women. Due to this the woman does not indulge in wanton behaviour and her conduct remains ideal.
  • Due to the mangalsutra the woman and others are conscious of her married status. Mangalsutra is a marital bondage. Its main objective is that the woman should remember this sacred bondage and there should not be any immoral behaviour on her part. That others should also be conscious that the woman wearing a mangalsutra is a married woman and she should be respected properly is also an objective of the mangalsutra.
  • Due to the mangalsutra the consciousness of the husband in the form of Shiva remains constantly awakened in the woman.
  • Mangalsutra is symbolic of Shiva and Shakti. In this, gold is in the form of Shakti and the structure of stringed black beads is in the form of Shiva.
  • Mangalsutra is an ornament that attracts Divine Principle in highest proportion. In the mangalsutra both the cups are empty from one side and are raised from the other. The mangalsutra is worn facing the empty side to her body. The Divine Principle is attracted in the voids of the cups in higher proportion than any other ornaments.
  • Through the mangalsutra the woman gains Energy of Desire, Action and Knowledge. The mangalsutra is a link that provides Shakti in the form of the Absolute Fire Element (Tej) to the woman to actually perform a task.
Sattvik Mangalsutra


In the left part of the mangalsutra there is flow of Energy of Desire, in the central part of Energy of Action and in the right part of Energy of Knowledge.

From the mangalsutra the Desire, Action and Knowledge Energies are also emitted.

With the help of the Desire, Action and Knowledge energies, it becomes easy for a woman to proceed towards Nirgun Principle.

  • Due to the mangalsutra and kantha-mani the Vishuddha-chakra remains constantly awakened. One of the types of mangalsutra is Kanthamani mangalsutra. The gold bead stringed in its centre is called Kanthamani. It is near the Vishuddha-chakra. It is also called Muhurtamani.

    The waves of the Absolute Fire Principle (Tej-tattva) of the Universe are attracted to the kantha-mani worn by the woman around the neck.

    Due to these waves, the Vishuddha-chakra constantly remains awakened.

    Nowadays it is customary to remove the Muhurtamani worn around the bride’s neck 16 days after the marriage. Kanthamani is considered a form of Shiva and hence it is symbolic of the sense of detachment of the woman. When the energy of Anahat-chakra flows towards Vishuddha-chakra, it merges in the awakened Vishuddha-chakra by touching the Kanthamani.

1.2 Structure of mangalsutra with a kantha-mani and the gold cups

The length of the mangalsutra should be such that it reaches the Anahat-chakra or the centre of the chest. As the length of the mangalsutra is up to the Anahat-chakra, due to the sattvikta in the mangalsutra the increased raja-guna in the woman is reduced. As a result, the attitude of detachment is generated in her. With this it becomes possible for the woman to dwell in the present constantly.

Subtle experiment about two types of Mangalsutras: Look at the pictures ‘A’ and ‘B’ below with concentration. Note what you feel by looking at them – good, distress or nothing at all.

Figure A


Figure B
Figure A Figure B

Answer to subtle experiment: One feels good by looking at the mangalsutra in picture ‘A’. This mangalsutra has a sattvik design. One feels distressed by looking at the mangalsutra in picture ‘B’. This mangalsutra has a demonic design.

According to the principle of Spirituality that, ‘Word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and the Divine Principle associated with them co-exist’, due to the sattvik design of the mangalsutra shown in the photograph ‘A’, sattvik vibrations are generated. The sattvikta of the woman wearing such types of mangalsutra is increased because of which his distress by the negative energies is reduced. Contrary to this, due to the demonic design of the mangalsutra in photograph ‘B’ negative vibrations are generated. Due to the negative vibrations, it becomes easy for the sorcerers (mantriks) to acquire black energy. It is evident from this that the structure and design of a mangalsutra should be sattvik.

1.3 Why is the empty part of the central cups of the mangalsutra placed towards the Anahat-chakra?

In the centre of the mangalsutra there are two cups. The cups should be round and there should not be any design on its front part.

  • Round shape is associated with zero, that is, with the Brahman consisting of void. The ability to absorb and emit the waves of specific level as per the need of the person is more in the round shape compared to the other shapes.
  • Round shape is symbolic of Energy of Knowledge.
  • Round shape is associated with the sattva-guna in the form of Shiva-Shakti.
  • The central point of the round shape provides waves in the form of striking Shakti (Energy) whereas the raised part is associated with Brahman in the form of Shiva.

At both sides of each cup there are two round beads of gold. This structure is associated with the Energy of Knowledge.

The subtle effect of the structure is:

  • The waves of emotions are activated in the Anahat-chakra of the woman.
  • The waves of Energy of Knowledge are attracted towards the circular figure of the voids of the cups of the mangalsutra.
  • The waves of Knowledge assimilate the waves of the woman’s emotions.

By this process the woman’s actions (karmas) become non-actions (akarmas), that is, the law of action-and-fruit is not applicable to the karmas done by the woman because of which the awareness of doership of the woman reduces.

The four petal flowers above the cups of the mangalsutra:

  • Above every cup of the mangalsutra, there is a figure of four petal flower. This is associated with the Action energy.
  • The vibrations of the woman’s Energy of Action solidify in the round beads and are in the forefront in functioning as per the need.
  • It helps generate a protective sheath near the Anahat-chakra of the woman.

1.4 Why should there be no design on the raised front part of the cups?

If there is no design on the front part of the cups, there is no restriction on the ability of the structure to absorb and emit the Absolute Fire Element (Tej-tattva) in gold. Similarly the gold cups and the bead of the mangalsutra being design-free, its ability to absorb and emit the Chaitanya in the Universe increases. Hence, the woman is protected from the attacks of the negative energies.

1.5 Why are two strings of black beads present in the mangalsutra?

The two strands of black beads of mangalsutra symbolise Shiva and Shakti. From the task performed by the union of Shiva and Shakti, one gains fruit in the form of Chaitanya. This gain of fruit is depicted in the form of the central gold cups that join the strands. The two strands of mangalsutra symbolise duality. Duality means continuity of task. The two strands of the beads are used from this perspective also. The rectangular shaped void created in one part of the two strands of black beads attracts the waves of Energy of Desire. The nine black beads stringed in each part of the strand symbol-ise the nine forms of the Primal Energy (Adishakti). The black beads stringed in the gold cord collect the negative vibrations of the attack of negative energies on the body of the woman from time to time and destroy them.

There are seven parts of nine black beads each in both the strands of the mangalsutra. In order to demonstrate these parts, four gold round-shaped beads are arranged in a square shape as a central link. With this the Shakti Principle in the woman remains in a constantly activated state and it is protected from the attacks by negative energies.

1.6 Importance of structure of mangalsutra

In the mangalsutra there are two gold cups in the centre, one gold bead at their each side and then black beads are strung. In each of the two strands of the mangalsutra nine beads followed by two gold beads are strung. Due to the black beads strung in the mangalsutra the woman is harmed to some extent.

  • Waves of black energy associated with the Absolute Earth and Water element are attracted to the black beads of the mangalsutra.
  • A cover of these waves is generated around the body of the woman.
  • Through the black beads waves of black energy are emitted in the atmosphere.

Due to the covering of black energy waves there is distress like pain, giddiness, restlessness etc. Considering the harm, one may wonder why the black beads should be used. Though there is 30 percent harm due to the black beads strung in the mangalsutra, there is 70 percent benefit also. The reason for this is that mangalsutra is beaded with a thin wire of gold. The gold wire destroys the distressing vibrations present in the Universe through its Energy of the Absolute Fire element (Tej-Shakti).

The reason for the destruction of distressing vibrations by the Tej-Shakti of gold: The use of black beads and gold in mangalsutra is akin to amulet, that is, talisman. For alleviation of distress by negative energies, an amulet or a talisman is worn around the neck. The black thread of the amulet attracts the black energy and the Holy ash in the amulet destroys it. In a mangalsutra black beads are used in place of black thread and gold in the place of Holy ash. When a woman with more than 50 percent spiritual level wears a mangalsutra the ability of the gold in it to emit the Absolute Fire Element (Tej-tattva) remains awakened.

  • The structure of the cups and the beads strung on both sides of the mangalsutra are associated with the woman’s Energy of procreation. One cup and the beads at its sides make a figure of a triangle. This figure keeps the woman’s Energy of procreation continuously awakened. Energy of procreation is the Energy spreading enthusiasm continuously in the entire Universe through the medium of Creation. Thereby, she constantly remains in a loving mode.
  • The round shape of the mangalsutra awakens the woman’s Central channel (Sushumna-nadi). The elliptical shape of the mangalsutra is associated with the unmanifest Energy of Action of Srivishnu. This shape awakens the Central channel (Sushumna-nadi) of the woman. Hence, it helps the prakruti in the form of woman to merge with Shiv in the form of man. As per the design of the mangalsutra, its effect is expressed either at the Sagun or Nirgun level.

In the mangalsutra of Sagun design, in each thread after every nine black beads, two gold beads are strung. For the woman wearing a mangalsutra of Sagun design to acquire its complete benefit, her minimum spiritual level has to be 30 percent.

In the mangalsutra of Nirgun design, only black beads are strung and gold beads are not present. For the woman wearing a mangalsutra of Nirgun design to acquire its complete benefit, her minimum spiritual level has to be 50 percent.

Importance of use of mangalsutra of Sagun and Nirgun level by a woman affected by negative energy:

1. Distress by ghosts,
    ancestors etc.
50% 20%
2. Distress by sorcerers
30% 30%

If there is distress due to sorcerers (mantriks), that is, the powerful demonic energies of the Hell, the woman can wear mangalsutra either of Sagun or Nirgun design. Women of more than 60 percent spiritual level should wear mangalsutra of Nirgun level for protection from the mantriks of the sixth or seventh Hell.

1.7 Benefits of gold beads strung in the mangalsutra

  • Waves of the Absolute Fire Element (Tej-tattva) in the Universe are attracted to the gold beads of the mangalsutra.
  • Due to the black beads, waves of black energy are attracted which are disintegrated by the Tej-tattva waves emitted by the gold.
  • A protective sheath is generated around the woman’s body.
  • The Sun-channel (Surya-nadi) of the woman remains in an activated state because of which the Energy Principle (Shakti-tattva) inherent in it is awakened.

Due to disintegration of the black energy attracted to the black beads, the woman is less affected by evil eye. With this the importance of gold in destroying the negative vibrations with Tej-Shakti is evident.

1.8 Why do we say that mangalsutra has lost its sanctity, if it breaks?

Many a times, a mangalsutra can break without any apparent reason. Breaking of a mangalsutra is a bad omen. On breaking the beads get charged with black energy, that is, due to the black energy their weight increases. Sattvikta of the beads is lost. From this sense, the action or act of breaking of a mangalsutra amounts to it losing its sanctity.

Effect of breaking of a mangalsutra without any reason: Breaking of a mangalsutra is a symptom of severe distress arising out of black magic performed on a woman. As a result, there is a possibility that the woman will have fatal thoughts of self-harm, suicide, death in an accident, killing someone etc. In this process, the mantriks kill the husband with black magic and transmit black energy on the wife too. The mantriks make a replica doll of the woman and transmit black energy on it through some ritual. Then distressing vibrations are also transmitted into the objects associated with the woman, which are attracted by the black beads of the mangalsutra. As a result, the mangalsutra breaks. Only God or Guru’s grace can protect from all such distress.

Spiritual experience: Breaking of the new small mangalsutra within fifteen days and the bigger mangalsutra too eight days later: On the night of 12th November 2008, her small mangalsutra suddenly broke and the beads scattered. This mangalsutra with a small muhurtamani was earlier strung in a thread and just fifteen days earlier, she had got it strung in gold. She wondered if this had happened due to the distress caused by negative energies ! Thereafter, on 19th November 2008, the bigger mangalsutra around her neck also broke. This example validates the precept that ‘The mangalsutra can break due to distress caused by negative energies’. – A seeker.

1.9 Why Scriptures do not allow widows to wear a mangalsutra?

There are two chief reasons for this.

  • Waves / Vibrations associated with the husband’s desire are present in the mangalsutra, due to which the subtle body of the deceased husband can get trapped: Waves associated with the husband’s desire are present in the mangalsutra. After the death of the husband, some women continue to wear mangalsutra as fashion. Thus, with the help of the vibrations associated with the husband’s desires, his subtle body can get trapped.
  • Onward journey of the subtle body of the husband is obstructed: Looking at the mangalsutra reminds the woman of her husband and his subtle body has to return to the Earth region. Hence, the onward journey of the subtle body of the husband is obstructed.

‘So what if my husband is no more?’, with this thought intellectual women nowadays continue to wear the mangalsutra even after they are widowed. This act harms the woman as well as her deceased husband at the spiritual level. Hence, one should determinedly abide by religious Conduct. Mangalsutra is a marital bond. Its objective is to remind the woman of this bond and restrain her from behaving as per her own wishes.

1.10 Why do men not have to wear a mangalsutra?

Every Conduct for men and women has been propounded with a specific objective. If wearing a mangalsutra is Dharma for women, wearing a Janeu (sacred thread) is Dharma for men. On this, some people may question why is there no custom for men to wear a mangalsutra?

Since in Karmakanda, man is recognized as a father-figure, the possibility of adultery by him is less. The nature of men is basically strong, determined and conducive for leadership. Hence, in the performance of Karmakanda, the man is recognised as a father-figure. Due to the authority as a father, the possibility adultery is less. In society men are more adulterous than women. If this be so, why is it said that the possibility of adultery by man is less ?

Compared to a woman, a man’s attitude is less emotional, more introverted and rational. So there is less possibility of his being adulterous / wilful. Yet various Conducts have been prescribed for him in Hindu Dharma. In Kaliyug, men and women are equally adulterous. In this situation, what should men do to acquire the same benefits as that of wearing a mangalsutra? The answer is that when the man carries out his father-figure duties and inculcates an attitude of listening to others, it will foster unity in the family. Holy thread (Janeuu) worn by him will remind him of his father-figure duties.

2. Effects of wearing a mangalsutra and a gold chain

  Mangalsutra Gold chain
1. Level of the
    waves attracted
Absolute Earth and
Absolute Water
Absolute Fire
2. Waves attracted Raja-Tama
3. Ability related
    to subtle
Of attraction Of emission
4. Process related
    to Raja-Tama
Attracting and

From the above table one can realise that the benefits of wearing a gold chain are more. Many women wear a gold chain instead of a mangalsutra. Some women wear a mangalsutra in which there are two cups, with beads strung on both sides.

3. Why is a gold chain not used in place of a mangalsutra?

The black beads in the mangalsutra contain waves of the Absolute Earth (Pruthvi-tattva) and Absolute Water (Apa-tattva) elements and the gold beads contain waves of the Absolute Fire element (Tej-tattva). With the union of these waves, Raja-Tama-dominant waves associated with inferior negative energies are eliminated from their origin. Hence, an average woman who wears a mangalsutra gets the ability to tolerate the war-like effects of destruction of Raja-Tama-dominant waves.

However, the Tej element dominant waves emitted by the gold affect the superior negative energies. An average woman does not possess the ability to tolerate their attacks. Hence, there is a possibility of distress to the woman. Therefore, instead of a chain, it is beneficial for a sensitive woman to wear a mangalsutra. Unmarried women and men also wear a gold chain. They too can experience distress, such as increase in body-heat.



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