Lord Rama: An Ideal

Lord Sri Ram
|| Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram ||



Lord Rama: An Ideal

The Ideal son: Always obeyed His parents; at times even advised the elders. 

The Ideal brother: Rama-Lakshman’s love is cited as the ideal of brotherly love. 

The Ideal husband: Devoted to His one and only wife. Kings, then, use to have many wives. 

The Ideal friend: He helped Sugreev, Bibhishan and many others during their difficult times. The Ideal King: Followed all codes of conduct for Kings as laid down in our scriptures. 

The Ideal Enemy: Bibhishan refused to perform the last rites of Ravan, his brother. Lord Rama said to him, ‘If you do not do it, I will. He was my brother too!’ 

Maryadapurushottam: He represents the Supreme extent of Righteousness.


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