Lord Rama’s Human nature



Lord Rama’s Human Nature

RamayanHe displays emotions of happiness & unhappiness just like humans do. (His melancholy at Sita’s abduction is an example.) Hence, we feel closer to Him than we feel towards other deities. 

The Ramayana in our lives: While Atmaram is the soul principle, Sita is the Great Illusion. Lakshman alludes to the focus on the soul, instead of the worldly. Bharat signifies a seeker engrossed in worship of radiance. Shatrughna is one who destroys the six foes (Shadripus) of the soul. Rama, Sita and Lakshman together stand for spiritual knowledge, devotion and detachment respectively. Hanuman is the activated Kundalini and Ravana the Desire, anger, greed, attachment, vanity and envy. 

Every Incarnation comes to Earth with a specific purpose: The main task of every Incarnation is to destroy evil and establish the Divine Kingdom; but the percentage and proportion of this varies in different Yugas. And, all activities of the Incarnation are centered around this task. 

Killing of Ravana: Ravana was highly learned and possessed knowledge of Righteousness (Dharma). Lord Rama had to destroy him, so that He could protect the embodied souls doing spiritual practice. Lord Rama acquired a gross body to help the souls pursue their spiritual aspirations appropriately. 

Final Liberation: Many embodied souls completed their individual spiritual practice through the path of Knowledge (Dhyanyoga) but since their spiritual practice for the sake of society (Samashti sadhana) was incomplete, their spiritual practice for Final Liberation remained incomplete. In Satya-yuga there was no way to perform spiritual practice for the sake of society and as a result many embodied souls got stuck midway. For their progress and liberation, they were born as monkeys (vanars) during Lord Rama’s time. Some of the Gods who had been cursed were also born during this period as monkeys. In order to make all these embodied souls practice spirituality for the sake of society and their progress, Lord Rama acquired a gross body. 

To set an ideal for the people: Lord Rama set an example through each and every action of His. He explained how an embodied soul can attain Final Liberation by acting in accord-ance with the scriptures. 

He set an example of a Divine Kingdom for the people: When Righteousness (Dharma) manifested in the gross, Unrighteousness (Adharma) also manifested in the gross. Many embodied souls started troubling Sages and others who acted in accordance with the scriptures. During that time Lord Rama protected the Sages and set an example through His own deeds for all kings as to how a Divine Kingdom should be. Lord Rama is an ideal of how selfless, free from desire and impartial a King can be!


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