Worship of Lord Rama


Lord Sri Ram

Worship of Lord Rama

Once the stage of worship of the divine principle or deity according to one’s religion (that of the family deity for Hindus) is completed, the spiritual practice (worship) of Lord Rama is useful for many seekers to go from many to One. This is because of Lord Rama’s attributes of being true to His word, devoted to only one wife and attaining the target with just one arrow. 

Ritualistic Worship (Puja):

Since Lord Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, He, too, is worshipped like Vishnu in sixteen steps (shodashopachar puja). Tulasi (sacred and medicinal plant found in India) leaves are essential for His worship. Tulasi has the ability to attract the subtlest pure particles (pavitrakas) of Vishnu. It is even better if one can use Lotuses for the worship. Khir (a sweet delicacy made from milk and rice or vermicelli) or shira (a sweet delicacy made from semolina, pure ghee and sugar) is Lord Vishnu’s favorite sacrament (naivedya). Choosing the substances offered in the worship according to the science of Spirituality helps generate divine consciousness (chaitanya) in the statue, so that it aids one’s spiritual progress.


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