How to identify pure vermilion?

Turmeric and Vermilion




‘Turmeric being an underground stem, the frequencies of earth in it are far greater than stems growing above the surface of soil. Vermilion is prepared from turmeric. Since turmeric and vermilion are offered to deities the worshipper benefits from the frequencies of earth in them as well as the frequencies of deities. Consequently the Sattva attribute is enhanced in him. At the same time his ability to tolerate raja-tama (distressing) frequencies also increases.’ (Divine knowledge received through the medium of ‘Sadhak’)


How to identify pure vermilion ?

Pure Vermilion

Pure Vermilion

Pure vermilion is made from pure turmeric, water of soda lime powder and a small quantity of pure camphor. Though it is made from turmeric, the odour of turmeric is entirely eliminated and a divine scent takes its place. The odour of turmeric is evident only when it is sniffed. In contrast the scent of pure vermilion is evident upto a certain distance. Pure vermilion though possesing humidity is completely dry. Its touch is ice-cold. Pure vermilion is blood red in colour. It has a high iron content. By application of this vermilion on the forehead, negative energies are prevented from entering through the midbrow region (bhrumadhya).

In the past (Satyayug, Tretayug and Dwaparyug) pure vermilion was available. With the passing of the eras the Sattva attribute in the vermilion has also deteriorated. In the Kaliyug people making pure vermilion are very few. (Divine knowledge received through the medium of  ‘Sadhak’)


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