Hierarchy of Power in the Universe

Most people consider political, economical or media power as something to be sought for. True power is beyond all these and depends solely on one’s spiritual level.

Actually there are six types of power in the universe. The strength of the power increases with the power being more subtle. Let us examine each one of these types of power.

Physical: This is the lowest in the hierarchy of power in the universe as it is also the most gross. This includes power in things such as:

  • Medicines to cure an illness – e.g. antibiotics to kill germs
  • A physical weapon used to kill
  • Financial power
  • Political power

It is the physical power that the common man has at his disposal.

The limitation of this power is that it can act only at the gross/physical level. For example, if one cannot see the person or the target, then the physical weapon will not be able to find its target.

Physical and Mantra: When we combine subtle force with physical force then the result is far more effective. In ancient times, when arrows were shot from a bow, a mantra was also uttered. Due to the mantra, the name of the enemy would get recorded and the arrow would find its target even if the target were a ghost hiding in the subtle regions of hell. This was due to the subtle energy, which accompanied the arrow. Nevertheless, at times, in spite of both the physical and the subtle mantra being present, one does not achieve complete success. At such times, a more subtle means should be used as given below.

Mantra (only): By using more powerful mantras, enemies can be vanquished by just mantras alone.

Contact: If a highly spiritually evolved person (above the spiritual level of 70%) touches something, that item will be able to have the power to vanquish ghosts. However, contact in this context is not limited only to touch. A person will be benefited when coming into contact with a spiritually evolved person in any one of the following ways. They are when a spiritually evolved person:

  • Remembers you.
  • Checks any matter that has been done by you.
  • Is informed about your situation or a problem that you are undergoing.
  • Speaks on the phone to you.

Resolve: As a Saint progresses spiritually beyond the spiritual level of 80%, His mind goes towards a thoughtless state. At this point a mere thought like ‘may it occur’ in the mind of an evolved person is sufficient for the occurrence of the event. Nothing else is required. This resolve is used only according to God’s wish. Refer to the article on mechanism of the action of resolve.

Presence: At the highest level, the evolved person (above the spiritual level of 90%) does not even need to make a resolve. The mere presence, proximity or company of a spiritually evolved person is enough for an event to happen, such as a disciple’s spiritual progress or removal of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc). Saints of a spiritual level above 90% perform Their mission in this way.

For further information please do visit : www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org



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