Why did Lord Krushna narrate Gita only to Arjun?

* The spelling ‘Krushna’ is used instead of ‘Krishna’ as it is more appropriate and in accordance with Sanskrit pronunciation.

Lord Krushna and Arjun

The Mahabharat and the Gita

1. The Mahabharat is the most important part of Krushna’s life. Written by Sage Vyas it is a prominent historical text. Bhiíhmacharya was the ‘Guru’ of the Kouravs in the Mahabharat. Before Bhishma’s birth His mother Ganga had abandoned His seven elder brothers (vasus) in the river Ganga. Krushna was the Guru of the Pandavs. Kansa had slain Krushna’s seven elder siblings.

2. Eklavya had developed ego that ‘I have learnt archery by myself, without anyone’s guidance’. To destroy that ego of his, Dronacharya asked him for his right thumb, a representation of the ego.

3. At the time of the Bharatiya war Krushna was about 83 years old while Bhishma was more than 130 years old.

4. The Gita makes a mention only of the four persons given below.

Person Mode of speech (vani) Characteristics
Dhrutarashtra Vaikhari Blind
Sanjay Madhyama One bestowed with
divine vision
Arjun Pashyanti The soul
Krushna Para The Supreme God

5. Krushna narrated the Gita only to Arjun for the following reasons.

  • The confusion in Arjun’s mind was not due to emotions, it stemmed from intellect.
  • Arjun was Gudakesha (v) that is the one who could comprehend the implied meaning (gudha means secret) in Keshav’s (Krushna’s) speech. At the beginning of the Gita Arjun tells Krushna, ‘Senayorubhayormadhye ratham sthapaya me chyut (सेनयोरुभयोर्मध्‍ये रथं स्‍थापय मेऽच्‍युत|)’ (Shrimadbhagvadgita 1:21). It means ‘O Achyut, place my chariot in the midst of both the armies’. Here, of the several Names of Krushna Achyut is used because Arjun is referring to the Krushna who does not deflect from His responsibilities, the one who is unflinching. ‘In the midst of both the armies’ implies between the good and the evil. Thus He asks Krushna to take him beyond all kinds of duality.

6. The Uddhavgita: When Krushna renounced His body His great friend Uddhav was greatly bereaved. What Krushna preached to him at that time is called the Uddhavgita.

7. Point ‘4.11’ explains the teachings of the Gita in brief.

8. The Dnyaneshvari describes the Gita as

Consider the Gita as the idol of The Lord
embellished with words. – 18:1684

9. Anugita: When Krushna realised that the effect of the Gita on Arjun’s mind was wearing out, He narrated it to him once again. This repetition is called the Anugita. Anu means later. So,the Anugita is the Gita which is narrated once again.



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