What is the science behind wearing big sized ornaments?


1. Effects of wearing or not wearing ornaments by women

The main objectives of women wearing ornaments are:

  • To absorb Divine Chaitanya, that is, positive energy through the medium of ornaments.
  • To alleviate the distress by negative energies.

Effects of wearing or not wearing ornaments by women with regards to positive energy:

Woman not wearing
Woman wearing
1. Proportion of
awakening of the
Shakti Principle
Less More
2. Protective
Not generated Generated
3. Impression
(Sanskar) of
Not occurring Occurring
4. Effect Feeling apathetic Feeling pleasant

It is evident from this table that by wearing ornaments a woman gets the benefit of positive energy.

Effects of wearing or not wearing ornaments by women in the context of a negative energy:

Woman not adorning
Woman adorning
1. Level of distress Risk of entry in the
External distress
2. Proportion of
30% 10%
3. Proportion of
5% 10%

It is evident from the above table that by not wearing ornaments, women get more distress by negative energies.

2. The science underlying women wearing ornaments of a big size

The Scriptures prescribe that women wear big sized ornaments. The reasons are given below:

  • Awakening of a warrior attitude and being able to overcome emotions: Women who are very emotional should wear big-sized ornaments. With this, their raja-guna is activated and the unmanifest warrior attitude is awakened. Due to awakening the warrior attitude they become capable of overcoming the difficulties in controlling the emotions arising in the mind because of their emotional nature.
  • Negative energies facing difficulty in entering the body of women and exchanging black energy: Due to the big-sized ornaments Chaitanya is attracted in higher proportion and most parts of the body are covered with Chaitanya. Hence, the negative energies face difficulty in entering the body of the woman and in exchanging black energy.
  • Reduction in emotional nature of the woman due to absorption of Chaitanya in higher proportion in the big sized ornaments: By wearing big Chaitanya-filled ornaments the mental sheath of the woman is transformed and this helps reduce her emotional nature.

2.1 Spiritual features of big-sized ornaments

A. Earrings: Girls should wear hanging earrings. The hanging earrings are appropriate for girls. Up to the age of the onset of menses, the raja-guna remains in a dormant state. Thus the girls gain the necessary raja-guna from the hanging earrings. After the onset of their menses there is no need for gaining raja-guna externally so they don’t need to wear hanging earrings. As compared to wearing ornaments that hang from the ear, women should wear earrings which touch the ear directly because the ability of such earrings to absorb Chaitanya is more.

B. Necklace: The neck ornaments should not be limited to around the neck only but should reach up to the Anahat-chakra, that is, the middle of the chest. By this the woman’s Anahat-chakra is awakened and her sattva-guna is increased.

C. Bangles: The bangles should be of a big size that is wide and thick. With this the Chaitanya is attracted in a higher proportion.

D. Anklets: Due to the sattvik design on the anklet, the woman is protected from the negative energies from Hell.

3. Ornaments worn in the hair styled in braids or a bun

  • Fake ornaments available in the market to be worn in hair: Some women make sattvik hairstyles like a braid or bun but wear fake ornaments in them. The fake ornaments are mainly made of plastic or some impure metal. By wearing fake ornaments in the hair the woman does not get any spiritual benefit. She can get various distresses due to the black energy emitted by the negative energies which are attracted to the fake ornaments.
  • Real ornaments worth wearing in the hair: Some real ornaments to be worn in a braid and a bun are a string of gold flowers, bun pins with small jingling bells.

3.1 Benefits of wearing real ornaments in the hair

Real ornaments are made of gold or silver and are studded with precious stones. Due to this, these ornaments attract the Chaitanya in the atmosphere and the woman wearing the ornaments gains its benefit. Benefits of wearing real ornaments in the hair at a subtle level are:

  • The Deities’ raja-sattva frequencies active in the atmosphere are attracted towards the real ornaments.
  • These frequencies spread in hair through the ornaments.
  • The raja-tama in the hair is reduced
  • It helps hair in becoming sattvik and filled with Chaitanya.
  • A spiral of Chaitanya is created all around the hair.
  • Due to the spiral of Chaitanya, hair is protected from the attack of negative energies.

Apart from this, a woman gains other benefits like an increase in her life energy. A sheath of destroyer frequencies is created around her entire body. The ornaments have to be sattvik to gain the benefit of wearing them in hair.

Spiritual experience of a seeker wearing a string of gold flowers in the hair:

  • There was a black covering around my head before wearing the string of gold flowers.

  • The black covering around my head was reduced after wearing the string of gold flowers on my bun.
  • I starting experiencing Chaitanya over the bun.
  • I felt that Chaitanya was spreading in my head too.
  • I started experiencing pleasant sensations over my Brahmarandhra.
  • I could see white light over my head.

The effect of Chaitanya over my head due to wearing the string of gold flowers was retained for some time, even after removing it. – Sadhak

This shows that by wearing the string of gold flowers in one’s hair, sattvik vibrations are generated. Nowadays it may not be possible for everyone to wear a string of gold flowers. However, at least one should not wear artificial ornaments in hair. Instead, one should adorn a string of fresh fragrant flowers in hair. Flowers or a string of flowers also equally attracts the Divine Principle as well and benefits a woman.

4. Mangatika or Lalatika

This ornament is worn in the ‘Manga’, that is, in the parting of the hair and one end rests on the forehead. The Chaitanya in the Universe is absorbed in the Mangatika. In this Chaitanya, Brahmatej and Kshatratej are present in a dormant state. Thus Brahmatej and Kshatratej act at a Sagun level through the Mangatika. The intellect of a woman wearing a Mangatika becomes pure and sattvik. The qualities Brahmatej and Kshatratej are generated. This clarifies the importance of Mangatika.

Subtle effects of wearing the Mangatika:

  • The place at which the Mangatika is hooked in the hair over the Sahasrar chakra, a flow of Divine Principle, Energy of Knowledge and Chaitanya are attracted.

  • A spiral of Divine Principle, Energy of Knowledge and Chaitanya is formed over the Sahasrar chakra.
  • A spiral of Chaitanya is formed in the pendant in the front parts of the Mangatika. Divine particles are spread in the environment.
  • A flow of Divine Energy (Shakti) is attracted towards the Sahasrar chakra. A spiral of activated Shakti is generated at the Sahasrar chakra. A flow of Shakti is generated towards the pendant through the chain attached to the Mangatika. A spiral of Shakti revolves around the pendant in activated form. Flows of Shakti are emitted in the environment from the spiral of Shakti. Particles of Shakti are spread in the woman’s head and atmosphere. A protective sheath is formed around the head of the woman. The black covering formed on the mind and intellect of the woman by the subtle sorcerer (mantrik) is dispelled.

This further clarifies the importance of a Mangatika. The black energy generated in the void of the heads of women by the mantriks from Hell is reduced due to the Mangatika.


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