Why is a nose ring (nath) studded with pearls?


1. Ornaments worn by women in the nose

In the Tripursundari stotra composed by Adya Shankaracharya, prayer has been offered to the Devi, ‘O Girija, please accept this nose ornament offered by me.’ Even today, the nose ring worn by women is studded with pearls. Apart from this, a nose ring (Loung, that is, Besara) is also worn by women.

2. Importance of wearing a nose ring (Nath)

  • Wearing a nath complements spiritual practice: By wearing a nath, a woman becomes more introverted. As per her temperament and efforts her ego reduces to some extent. These two things complement her spiritual practice.
  • With the fleeting touch of the Absolute Fire element of the nath, the woman’s body becomes pure: The oxygen entering the woman’s body through her nose touches the nath slightly. Due to this, the oxygen is purified and the woman’s body becomes Holy. Hence, a woman who has worn a nath looks radiant and pure.
  • By wearing a nath, a spiral of Chaitanya is created around the nose: Due to the Chaitanya present in the nath, a spiral of Chaitanya is generated around the nose. The atmosphere around the nose becomes pure. Due to this, pure air enters the body through the wind pipe.
  • Divine waves are absorbed in a large proportion and easily:

By wearing a nath, the woman’s Moon channel (Chandra-nadi) is activated.

The woman’s body becomes more conducive to imbibing the Chaitanya present in the environment.

The woman’s body absorbs Divine waves in higher proportion and easily.

  • One is protected from negative energies: By wearing a nath, a woman is protected from the negative energies in two ways.A. Acupressure healing takes place: On application of pressure on the acupressure points associated with the body parts which are distressed, the problem in the associated organs is removed. This is called Acupressure therapy. By wearing a nath, pressure is generated on pressure points of the nose. Due to the pressure, by the acupressure treatment the black energy present there reduces.B. Particles laden with the Absolute Fire element (Tej-tattva) are emitted from the rounded part of the nath and an aura of Tej is created around the woman’s body. When the woman’s Sun channel (Surya-nadi) is activated, the frequency of her breathing increases. With each breath, many Tej laden particles enter the woman’s body. These particles are emitted in the outward direction. These Tej laden particles are absorbed by the gold wire of the worn nath. From the circular part of the gold wire, they are emitted into the external atmosphere like a fountain. This helps in the generation of an aura of Tej around the woman. The negative energies are frightened of this aura. Due to the nath, the nose and respiratory tract are protected from the attack of negative energies through the respiratory tract. The circular upper part of the nose in the form of Absolute Fire element (Tej) represents the awakened Shakti Principle in a woman.

2.1 Subtle effects of wearing a nath

Subtle effects of wearing a nath

1. Flows of Divine principle are incessantly attracted in the nath. A spiral of Divine principle is generated in the nath and revolves around it.

2. A flow of the Devi Principle is attracted in the nath.

  • A spiral of the Devi Principle is generated and gets activated.
  • Particles of the Devi Principle are transmitted in the body of the woman wearing the nath. These particles have even more ability to attract the Devi Principle.

3. The pearls in the nath are sattvik. As a result, flows of Chaitanya are attracted in the nath.

  • A spiral of Chaitanya is generated and gets activated.
  • The spiral of Chaitanya is emitted through the nath.
  • Particles of Chaitanya are incessantly emitted through the nath. During ritualistic worship or Holy festivals the emission is 2 % more than usual.
  • These particles of Chaitanya emitted by the nath are transmitted in body of the woman wearing the nath and her body is purified.

4. A spiral of Energy (Shakti) is generated and is activated.

  • Through this spiral, flows of Shakti are emitted.
  • Particles of Shakti are also emitted into the environment. Due to them, the black energy present in the environment is dispelled and this has a positive effect on the woman’s body.
  • Waves of Shakti are transmitted throughout the body of the woman and she experiences Shakti.

Proportion of vibrations attracted by nath

Vibration Proportion (%)
1. Energy 3
2. Divine Consciousness
3. Devi Principle 3
4. Divine Principle 2

2.2 Reason for the pearls in the nath

Through pearls, the waves in the form of the Absolute water Element (Apa-tattva) are activated and emitted. Due to the pearls in the nath, cool waves in the form of the Absolute Water element (Apa-tattva) are emitted from the nath. Waves in the form of Chaitanya, bestowing vital energy (Pranshakti) of the Universe are attracted towards these waves. Both these waves enter the body of the woman wearing the nath with each breath through her nostrils. Through the union of these waves, waves in the form of vital energy (Pranashakti) are transmitted in the woman’s body.

2.3 Spiritual experience of a seeker after wearing a nath

Reduction in thoughts on wearing a nath, experience of bliss, meditative state and generation of a Divine mask on the face: One day, I wore a nath for the first time. At that time the proportion of needless thoughts reduced. I started experiencing calmness and bliss. After some time I experienced thoughtlessness and entered a meditative state. I perceived golden particles around my face. With a solidification of those particles, I perceived a Divine mask on my face. Due to the nath, I perceived a change in myself.- Sadhak

The point to keep in mind is that, for the nath to be beneficial in this way, it is necessary that it should be studded with pearls and should be of gold. Nowadays, nath studded with precious stones and of various designs is also available. One does not acquire the expected benefit from this type of nath. In earlier times women wore nath studded with pearls everyday. With time nath has become an ornament which is worn merely on Holy festivals or special religious and auspicious occasions.

3. Nose ring called Loung or Kila

Generally most women wear a gold loung or kila. Others wear a silver loung. Some loungs are studded with precious stones. Some women also wear a loung studded with diamonds. In some regions women wear loungs on both the sides of the nose. Loungs with various designs are available. For example flower shaped, with a precious stone studded in the flower, like the shape of a clove etc.

3.1 Effects of wearing a gold nose ring

1. Flow of bliss is attracted in the nose ring.

  • A spiral of this bliss is generated and it gets activated.
  • Through this spiral, particles of bliss are activated and they are transmitted in the body.

2. Due to the sattvikta present in the nose ring, a flow of Chaitanya is attracted in it.

  • A spiral of this Chaitanya is generated and is activated.
  • The spiral of Chaitanya is emitted.
  • Spirals of Chaitanya are emitted into the body.
  • Particles of Chaitanya are emitted.
  • A protective sheath of Chaitanya is generated around the body. This sheath has 1.5 % Chaitanya.

3. A spiral of Shakti is generated in the nose ring and it gets activated. Particles of Shakti are emitted in the body and the environment. This reduces the covering of black energy.

By wearing a loung, due to the Chaitanya present in it, there are various effects at the spiritual level. There is a 2 percent purification of the body and 1 percent of the mind. Also, a woman breathes easily.

Proportion of vibrations attracted through the loung

Vibration Proportion (%)
1. Energy 1.5
2. Divine Consciousness 3
3. Bliss 2

3.2 Spiritual experience on wearing a gold nose ring

On wearing a gold nose ring, positive changes in the face and due to the white light emitted from the nose ring, experience of reduction in the black covering on the eyes: On 16th July 2006, I wore a loung in my nose for the first time. On the next day, there was a reduction in the pressure on my face and a positive change was seen on my face. The black energy towards my nose reduced. White light was emitted from the nose ring and I perceived a reduction in the black covering on my eyes. – Sadhak



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