Why should one avoid wearing more than one type of ornamaments in ear?


1. Ornaments worn by women in the ear

These include mainly:

  • The ear-drops (Kundala) of different shapes.
  • The earrings available in different shapes.
  • The hanging earrings dangling from the earlobe.
  • The stud earring, a sattvik ornament of floral shape. It is stringed with pearls.

Nowadays ear ornaments of different designs and shapes are made; but as they lack sattvikta, the women wearing them do not get the required benefit.

2. Importance of ornaments worn in the ear by women

  • Protection of the woman from the raja-tama-dominant frequencies emitted from the hole in the ear: Since ancient times ‘Piercing ear-lobe’ is a conduct of Hindu Dharma. Through the ear and the hole caused by piercing of ear-lobe, raja-tama-dominant frequencies are emitted. During Satyayug due to the Absolute Fire Principle generated as a result of spiritual practice (Sadhana) in the woman’s body the raja-tama-dominant frequencies emitted slightly by the hole were disintegrated there itself. In the course of time the sattvikta of women went on reducing and the raja-tama in them increased. A need for ornaments was felt to protect them from the raja-tama-dominant frequencies and the negative energies. In Kaliyug the ear ornaments play an important role in destroying the raja-tama emitted through the hole.
  • Accupressure healing: Due to ear ornaments, pressure occurs on the ear lobe and other points of the ear giving benefit of acupressure.
  • Increase in ability to absorb subtle sound: By wearing the ornaments in the ear the sattvikta of the ear is increased. As a result the ability to absorb subtle sound is also increased.
  • Creation of protective sheath around the ear:

The ornaments worn in the ear attract frequencies of Divine Principle and spread them in the person’s body.

These frequencies are also emitted through the ornaments.

Around the ear of the person who wears ear ornaments a protective sheath of Chaitanya is generated.

Sound frequencies are generated from the ear ornaments. Due to these sound frequencies the ear is protected from the negative energies.

  • Spiritual healing occurring on the ear’s internal functional system and reduction in distress by negative energies: Due to movements of some ornaments worn in the ear subtle sound is generated. As a result the distress of negative energies is reduced.
  • Getting protection from negative energies at the time of discarding excreta and urine: According to Hindu dharma, placing the Holy thread on the ear at the time of discarding excreta-urine by men is an important conduct. But this is not necessary for women. Due to their wearing ear ornament, the frequencies of Absolute Fire Principle (Tej-tattva) are generated through the acupressure healing. Hence, the raja-guna dominant woman does not have obstacle in maintaining the awakening of the flow of Tej-tattva. Due to this women are protected from the negative energies.

3. Ear-drop (Kundala)

There are various types of this ornament according to its shape, such as leaf-shaped, conch-shaped, serpent-shaped etc. These eardrops are the symbol of the Radiant Divine Energy.

Importance of kundalas: The goal of man is to be liberated from the bondage of the Great Illusion (Maya) and get immersed in the memory of Brahman continuously. For this various appropriate karmas, sanskaras and rituals have been mentioned at every step in Hindu Dharma. As part of this, the ear is pierced and an ear-drop is worn.

4. Deities associated with the colour of stones in the kundalas and the Energy (Shakti) emitted by them

Colour of stone
studded in
Shakti emitted
by kundala
1. White Shri Vishnu Saviour-Destroyer
2. Red Shri Lakshmi Destroyer-Saviour
3. Yellow Sun Destroyer
4. Blue Shiv Saviour
5. Dark red Shri Durgadevi Highly destroyer

5. Hoop earrings

From villages to cities this is one ear ornament worn by women – hoop earrings.

Difference between experiences of a seeker by wearing and not wearing hoop earrings:

Not wearing earrings Wearing earrings
1. Ear Experiencing pressure Experiencing lightness
2. Cheeks Stiffness of muscles Softening of muscles
3. Breathing Experiencing difficulty Breathing slow and
4. Vital energy Fatigue Increases
5. Proportion
of thoughts
More Less
6. Feeling / not
Not feeling Feeling enthusiastic
and experiencing Bliss
7. Black cover
on intellect
Present Destroyed
8. Others Nausea Divine Chaitanya flow
up to the Muladhar

Types of hoop earrings: The hoop earrings worn by women in the ear are circular in shape. The big-sized hoop earrings are more useful. If the earrings are of non-sattvik design, such as a hollow crescent, the women can also get distress, such as feeling depressed and feeling apathetic. Nowadays, most hoop earrings are demonic, that is, tama-dominant. They cause more harm than benefit. Mostly hoop earrings are made of gold. Some women also wear silver hoop earrings.

Spiritual importance of hoop earrings: Due to the void in the hoop earring, the proportion of Nirgun Principle is higher. White formless vibrations are emitted by the hoop earring because of which the mind becomes introverted.

6. Jhumka, a hanging ear ornament

The jhumkas are made of gold or silver. Many types of jhumkas are studded with stones and pearls.

6.1 Importance of wearing a jhumka

A. Attraction of positive circular sound frequencies towards the ears:

  • By wearing small and circular jhumkas the positive circular sound frequencies in the atmosphere are attracted to the ears.
  • One is protected from the distressing sound frequencies emitted in anti-clockwise direction.

B. Generation of protective sheath around the body of the woman and readiness of the Shakti Principle in her to function in the atmosphere:

  • The jhumkas contain Action-energy.
  • Due to their swinging, the Action-energy present in the atmosphere gains momentum.
  • Due to this, a protective high speed raja-dominant sheath of the frequencies is generated around the body of the woman who wears jhumkas.
  • Due to the touch of the frequencies present in the sheath, the Shakti Principle in the woman is activated.
  • This Shakti Principle becomes ready to function in the atmosphere.
  • At the same time due to the jhumkas’ swinging, the voids in the head of the woman are protected from the attacks by the negative energies.

To derive these benefits the jhumka must be sattvik. By wearing them sattvik vibrations are generated. On the contrary, if the jhumkas are of non-sattvik design or art, they cause adverse effects also.

6.2 Subtle effects of wearing a sattvik jhumka in the ear

  • A flow of Divine Principle is attracted in the jhumka. A spiral of Divine Principle is generated in it. The flow of Divine Principle is emitted from the ear-stud of the jhumka to the dangling part of the jhumka. Due to void a spiral of Divine Principle is generated in the jhumka. Particles of Divine Principle are emitted from the jhumka.
  • The ear ornament being sattvik, a flow of Bliss is attracted in it. A flow of Bliss is emitted. A spiral of Bliss is generated in the jhumka. Particles of Bliss are spread in the woman who wears this ornament and are emitted in the environment through the movements of the woman.
  • Flow of Chaitanya is continuously attracted in the jhumka. A spiral of Chaitanya is generated and remains activated. A spiral of Chaitanya is emitted from the ear-stud of the jhumka. A spiral of Chaitanya is generated in the jhumka and it becomes activated. Due to the movements of the jhumka, frequencies of Chaitanya are spread in the environment. Particles of Chaitanya are spread in the body of the woman wearing the jhumka.

By wearing this type of sattvik jhumkas spiritual healing occurs by the acupressure method.

6.3 Vibrations attracted by a sattvik jhumka and its proportion

Vibration Proportion (%)
Chaitanya 3
Bliss 3
Divine Principle 2

6.4 Effect of wearing jhumka with chain on women affected by negative energies

Due to the sattvik design of the jhumka, sattvik vibrations are spread around the ear of the woman through the gold chain. They reduce the black energy of the negative energies affecting the women. Hence, the negative energies give various distresses to women.

6.5 Benefits of wearing gold jhumka with chain

By wearing ear ornaments like jhumka with an upward or downward chain, the capacity of the ear to emit Chaitanya is increased. An average woman gets more benefits by wearing ear ornaments along with a chain whereas those performing sadhana can obtain benefits from ear ornaments even without the chain due to their expressed spiritual emotion (Bhav). Thus by wearing gold earring with chain, the ear of the woman is protected because of the Chaitanya-frequencies emitted from the earring.

6.6 Effect of non-sattvik jhumkas

A. Due to the raja-dominant frequencies emitted from the jhumka through its movement, increase in fickleness of woman and instability of mind: Due to the movements of the woman the jhumkas move. At that time raja frequencies are emitted from the jhumkas. With this the fickleness of the woman increases and her mind becomes unstable.

B. Due to the movement of the jhumka following neck movements, easy emission of black energy:

  • The sorcerers (mantriks), that is, the powerful demonic energies affecting woman create various center in her body.
  • Through the medium of these centers mantriks emit black energy effectively in the atmosphere.
  • For this the mantriks use the ornament of this specific part of the body which moves more; for example, if the mantriks have created a center in the neck, he uses the jhumka.

For this reason it becomes easy for the sorcerers (mantriks) to emit black energy in the entire atmosphere.

C. Usefulness of jhumkas only to women of a specific age: With advancing age the fickleness of woman decreases. So after a certain age the ornaments symbolic of fickleness do not suit women.

7. Studd earrings

The stud earrings are made of gold and are floral-shaped. Some stud earrings are studded with gems, diamonds or precious stones. Frequencies of Sagun energy are emitted from the embedded diamonds. Woman wearing the ornament is benefitted from this energy.

7.1 Lotus petal shaped gold ear ornament studded with pearls

In these types of ear ornaments, the effect of the ornament depends on all the factors such as the lotus petals design, the pearls studded in it and gold.

Effects of lotus petal design of ear ornament: The lotus petals like design is associated with the Action-Energy of Vishnu Principle, while the Sagun-tattva emitted from the lotus is associated with Lakshmi Principle. The lotus petals function by the union of these two. Subtle effect of lotus flower is as follows:

  • From the stalk of the lotus, Action-waves of Srivishnu are emitted towards Hell.
  • Due to these waves, man is protected from the attacks of the negative energies from the core of the earth to the surface of the earth.
  • The lotus petals design is associated more with Lakshmi Principle. The design of this ear ornament is like many petals of a lotus. The spiritual meaning of this is going from one to many. From a spiritual perspective one means God (Brahma) and many means the Great Illusion (Maya). In this way, the design of this ornament depicts the transition from Nirgun to Sagun. Wearing ornaments of this type is symbolic of acquiring God’s Nirgun Energy in Sagun form.

Divine Energy (Shakti) emitted from the large petals of the ear ornament and its usefulness: Shakti element is emitted from big petals. Ear ornaments with big petals are more appropriate for a woman who has the spiritual emotion of a disciple.

Divine Energy (Shakti) emitted from the small petals of the ear ornament and its usefulness: Subtle effect of wearing ear ornaments with small petals is as follows:

  • Saviour (Tarak) vibrations are emitted from the shape of the small petals of the ear ornament. By wearing ear ornaments with such vibrations, a protective circle of saviour (Tarak) vibrations is created around the woman’s body.
  • In the design with small petals, energy gets accumulated in a greater proportion. Hence, such ornaments are more useful for Sagun task, that is, tasks pertaining to Maya

Pearls studded in the stud earrings of lotus petals design: Normally, a pearl is studded in the middle of this ear stud. This pearl is white or yellowish in colour. Nowadays, artificial pearls of various colours are also made. At a spiritual level, there is no special importance of artificial pearls.

Function of pearl: Through the medium of pearl, the waves in the form of the Absolute Water element (Apa-tattva) get activated. Therefore, through the pearl, high speed waves laden with the Absolute Water element (Apa-tattva) are emitted into the environment. Through the touch of pearl, the Chetana present in the person is transmitted even more in the body. The waves of the Absolute Water element (Apa-tattva) emitted through the medium of pearl affect the subtle sheaths of negative energies and reduce their ability to combat. Due to the pearl a person’s body becomes more capable of absorbing and emitting the waves of the positive energies present in the environment.

Difference between white and yellow pearl:

  • White pearl has more transparency. As compared to it, there is less transparency in yellow pearl.
  • White pearl can emit waves of Absolute Water element (Apa-tattva) in a greater proportion, while a yellow pearl can emit it in a lesser proportion.
  • White pearl is capable of combating with mighty demonic energies of superior type whereas yellow pearl is capable of fighting against mighty demoic energies of inferior type.

Women are more sensitive as compared to men in absorbing the positive and distressing waves or energies in the environment. For protection from negative energies wearing pearl ornaments is more beneficial.

Important points about wearing pearl and gold ornaments: By using gold and pearl in ornaments, due to the Tej of gold, the efficiency of pearl reduces. That is why, one should use ornaments with more pearls and very less gold.

7.2 Pearl stud earrings

In this gold stud earring, there is a big pearl in the centre and small pearls are studded around it in a circular manner. The subtle effect of these ear studs are:

  • Due to the round shape and white colour of pearl Divine Principle is attracted in these stud earrings.
  • Light yellow spirals of Sagun-Nirgun Chaitanya are emitted through it.
  • Due to these spirals, a protective sheath is created around the ear.

7.3 Some other types of stud earrings

These are sacred Fig (Pipal) leaf shaped stud earrings. By wearing them one feels enthusiastic. These are wheel shaped gold stud earrings with central floral design. Good vibrations are experienced from them. These are gold stud earrings with black precious stones in the centre. By wearing them, a protective sheath is created around the woman wearing them. Another type of stud earrings is gold stud earrings. Wearing them reduces the covering on the intellect.

Spiritual Experience: Accuracy in all psychological and intellectual actions after wearing earrings: On 25th September 2006, after wearing gold earrings I was doing all psychological and intellectual actions accurately. On removing them, I reverted to my basic temperament. – Sadhak

8. Wearing one or more ear ornaments

Subtle experiment: Look at the pictures ‘A’ and ‘B’ below with concentration. Pay attention to what you feel – Good, distress or nothing at all.

Figure A
Figure B
Figure A Figure B

Answer to the subtle experiment: One feels good by looking at picture ‘A’. The woman shown in the picture has worn only one type of ear ornament. One experiences distress by looking at picture ‘B’. The woman shown in the picture has worn many ornaments along the ear pinna.

Effect of wearing one ear ornament: Raja-tama dominant waves are emitted from the hole of the ear. With the touch of the gold ornament worn on the earlobe, the Tej present in the ornament is accumulated in the pores of the skin of the ear. In this way, the raja-tama dominant waves are controlled.

Effects of piercing the pinna at more than one place and wearing ornaments:

Tej accumulated in the subtle skin pores in the fringe of the pinna. On piercing the pinna at more than one place, the proportion of this Energy reduces. Due to this, the protective sheath around the ear is broken. As a result, the proportion of transmission of Energy in the form of black air by the negative energies through the void of the ear increases. By piercing the ear at more than one place the head, neck and throat disorders in the women increase.

Being ignorant of this aspect, many women pierce the fringe of the pinna and wear various earrings like stud earrings, hoop earrings etc. In this way they cause harm to themselves. This also includes the ancient tradition of women wearing ‘Kanakakali’, an ornament worn on the helix. From a spiritual perspective, piercing the helix and wearing a Kankakali is considered an inferior conduct.

Spiritual experience: Experience of lightness in the ears after wearing only one type of ear ornament instead of many: In January 2008, one day I wore many ear ornaments. Saint said, “How many ear ornaments have you worn!” As per Achardharma, wearing one ornament in each ear is considered sattvik. As per His advice, I immediately removed the extra ear ornaments. After that I felt lightness in my ears. – Sadhak


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