Can a book or an Idol be considered ‘Guru’?

Gurus based on the form and absence of a Guru

The table below gives the types of Gurus according to the form and an outline of Their missions. This will clarify points such as the necessity of a Guru, who needs a Guru, etc. In this regard, from the worldly point of view the point to be considered is that till the thoughtless state, that is a spiritual level of 70 % is attained, spiritual evolution occurs faster if one has a Guru in human form. Thereafter for further progress a disciple mostly receives guidance from within.

    The form of a Guru Absence of a Guru
    Human Book Idol Others
1 Deciding the study according to the disciple’s capability Possible Impossible Impossible Impossible
2 Clarification Possible of doubts as soon as the doubt arises Possible Possible to a small extent only after doing a lot of reading Impossible Impossible
3 Duration required for little faith to develop Less More Even more A great deal
4 Encouragement, Possible teaching and testing Possible Impossible Impossible Impossible
5 Guidance with regard to decreasing destined and wilful actions and overcoming distressing energies which obstruct spiritual practice
6 Benefit derived by remaining in the company of the Guru due to His divine consciousness (chaitanya) Little
7 Benefits of the Guru’s grace Possible Impossible Little Impossible
8 Number of disciples abandoning spiritual practice midway Less More Far more Most Most
9 Duration required for spiritual progress
10 According to psychology the personality of a disciple which most matches the Guru’s form One who feels a great need for guidance One with an independent attitude One who feels the need for support One with an independent attitude One with an even more independent attitude
11 Generally the spiritual level % at which a disciple can derive the benefit 55 40 60 30
12 Efforts that a disciple /seeker has to make % 60 70 70 70 100
13 Qualities that a disciple requires Service and sacrifice Understanding the implied meaning Guidance from within Depends on the type High ego *
14 Amount of annual spiritual progress % 2-3 0.25 0.75 0.25 0.001

* Here ego refers to faith in oneself. If faith in oneself is not high then one cannot make spiritual progress without taking guidance from someone.



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