Why are spiritual experiences discussed during satsangs?

Spiritual experience


1. Some unique spiritual experiences about spiritual emotion (bhav)

At the satsangs (spiritual meetings) conducted by the Sanstha, spiritual experiences of seekers are discussed. The reason for this is as follows. The theoretical information delivered there only helps those curious about Spirituality to believe in it whereas spiritual experiences help to augment their faith. One gets inspired to undertake more spiritual practice with the faith that God will endow one with spiritual experiences. A seeker can also learn from the spiritual experiences of others. It is with this very objective that different spiritual experiences have been elucidated in this point as well as elsewhere in this holy text with regard to spiritual emotion. Often a spiritual experience in one seeker is repeated in another. This establishes that there is a science behind the spiritual experiences. Thus a spiritual experience of a seeker given in this holy text may also have been experienced by other seekers. So also, spiritual experiences other than those given here may also have been experienced by several seekers. However as they are voluminous, all of them cannot be accomodated in this holy text. All spiritual experiences in the context of spiritual emotion are given in separate holy texts on spiritual experiences.

2. Teachings on awakening spiritual emotion

2.1 In the waking state

Maharaj(Saint) subtly teaching about spiritual emotion, in the waking state: On 26th September 2002 after my morning bath, I was offering obeisance to the picture of Baba [H.H. Maharaj]. Just then Mr. Anand arrived with flowers and told me to offer them to Maharaj’s picture. I felt overjoyed. The flowers were of different types. I tried to sort out the different flowers and place them before Baba’s picture. Though I had begun this task with a prayer, H.H. Baba said, ‘Baby, your spiritual emotion today is not as usual’. This hurt me. So I prayed wholeheartedly again and amidst repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name offered the flowers in front of Baba’s picture. I offered the rest of the flowers to the other deities and wherever there were strips of the Names of deities. When I came to pay obeisance to Baba’s picture once again, He said, ‘See how well you did it now !’ – Sadhika, ashram

2.2 In meditation

A. Doctor’s assurance to a seeker during meditation about augmention of his spiritual emotion: On 18th October 2002 during meditation, despite the absence of an object of meditation, I experienced a lot of Bliss (Anand). When H.H. Doctor made a statement that ‘warrior seekers had to enhance their spiritual emotion (bhav)’, I realised that it was meant for me as well. I was very restless as I wanted this to happen quickly. This was unconsciously causing apprehension in me. During meditation I asked H.H. Doctor, ‘I feel intensely that my spiritual emotion should grow but I am getting tense about it. What should I do?’ and H.H. Doctor replied, ‘Do not worry. Everything will occur by itself.’ This lessened my anxiety and I experienced Bliss. – Sadhak

3. Awakening of sattvik (sattva predominant) spiritual emotion due to seekers

A. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion after getting an intuition about the arrival of a seeker: One day as I waited at the bus-stop to go to college, suddenly a trax approached me. It reminded me of Mr. Athlekar and I wept. This had never happened to me before, after seeing a trax. After returning home in the evening my mother told me that Mr. Javlekar had arrived in our town ! – Sadhika

B. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion in a seeker and perceiving herself to be performing the actions of other seekers at a get-together of seekers: A get-together of seekers was arranged at Karad on 23rd April 2000. I was allotted the responsibility of organising the programme of narrating spiritual experiences. Though I too could participate in it, I did not feel like doing so. Instead, I wished that Miss Amruta would narrate hers. On behalf of the local centre of the Sanstha she was felicitated there. At that time, I felt as if I were being felicitated. As I heard her spiritual experience the Bliss that I enjoyed was far more than what I experience when I narrate mine. My ego had become expansive at least for the sake of one individual.

     From 16th to 18th May 2000, I accompanied Mr. Athlekar on his Ichalkaranji-Kolhapur tour. The spiritual experiences that I got at Ichalkaranji are as follows. As Mr. Jathar jotted down the points I felt as if I were doing it. As Mrs. Koli conversed on the telephone I felt as if I were doing it. When Mrs. Magdum asked a query I felt as if I myself were asking it. I felt that Mr. Athlekar should explain the table on ‘Spiritual practice according to the class (varna) and the spiritual level’ to her. The next moment Mr. Athlekar told her that a Brahman (priest) has 60% desire to make spiritual progress. After the occurrence of all these incidents, my spiritual emotion for the Guru grew so tremendously that I was overwhelmed and speechless. This state lasted for approximately 15-20 minutes before I returned to normal. – Sadhika

4. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion due to the spiritually evolved

4.1 Through touch

A. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion on placing my head on Doctor’s feet: On 1st November 1997, H.H. Doctor arrived at the residence of Dr. Charudatta Pingale at around 12.30 p.m. There my desire to offer obeisance by placing my head on His holy feet was fulfilled. Sattvik spiritual emotion was awakened in me the moment my head touched His holy feet. For a few seconds I experienced Bliss and felt extremely pleasant. – Sadhika

B. Repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name commencing spontaneously, awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion and experiencing divine consciousness (chaitanya) and Bliss (Anand) after looking at the galvaniser machine touched by Doctor: A galvaniser machine belonging to Mrs. Aditi Joshi was placed in the bedroom of Dr. (Mrs.) Nanda Sawant in the ashram (hermitage). When H.H. Doctor entered that room to experiment on distressing energies, He touched the machine along with other objects over there. The next day that machine was packed in a box and sent to Sangli.

     Mrs. Aditi Joshi from Sangli district experienced the following after looking at the device.

  • Tears flowed from her eyes on opening the box.
  • She experienced Bliss.
  • The machine which she earlier perceived as devoid of divine consciousness (chaitanya) was now enriched with it.

     Dr. (Sadhika) from the same ashram experienced the following after looking at it.

  • The moment she opened the box, her repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name occurred spontaneously.
  • The machine appeared more radiant and enriched with divine consciousness than before.

4.2 By a discourse

Developing goose-flesh and entering a state just prior to meditation during Doctor’s discourse: Despite absence of chilly weather on 15th November 1997, when listening to H.H. Doctor’s discourse I developed goose-flesh. I was also yawning continuously. As I left the venue of the discourse the yawning stopped. – Sadhika

(Before entering into a meditative state from the waking state some people start yawning. – Compilers)

4.3 By a holy vision (darshan)

A. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion after a vision of Doctor: After H.H. Doctor arrived at Pophali on 2nd January 1997, Mr. Nalavade introduced seekers from different centres to Him. I too was invited. Though I offered obeisance to H.H. Doctor, I was speechless. All of a sudden my ear lobes became warm, my whole body became light and I felt as if I were floating in air. – Sadhak

B. Perceiving the affectionate touch and words of assurance from H.H. Doctor before the discourse, perception of Doctor’s countenance as expansive and radiant and awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion during the discourse: When I got the pleasant news of H.H. Doctor’s discourse to be held on 16th November 1997, I realised that it was a golden opportunity dawning in my life. Though I was elated I was also apprehensive about whether I would reach there in time for the discourse due to our scheduled trip to Rajasthan. My mind was riddled with doubts. No matter what, I should not miss H.H. Doctor’s discourse and the opportunity to pay obeisance to Him was what I felt. My repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name was going on. When in this restless state I felt an affectionate pat on my back trying to cool down my upset mind. Then I heard a voice saying, “I will not leave without meeting you, if not this time some other time, but I will certainly meet you.” I looked around but saw no one. Throughout the journey I repeated (chanted) The Lord’s Name continuously and the trip which was supposed to conclude on 18th or 19th ended on the 15th itself and we returned to Ichalkaranji. I was waiting for 16th November to dawn. Though I had lost the opportunity to render service, the chance of having the holy vision of a saint was no less important. I reached the venue long before the discourse began. I was very eager to see this saint. Then this extremely fortunate moment of my life arrived. His vision was such that I had never seen before. His countenance appeared expansive, divine and radiant. Thereafter I was unable to understand the reason why I began to feel like crying uncontrollably. Tears swelled in my eyes and I had to stuff a handkerchief into my mouth to prevent the sobs. This state and restlessness persisted for quite some time. Thereafter just as a stormy sea suddenly becomes tranquil, my body too became extremely serene and all these feelings ceased. Even today once in a while, H.H. Doctor’s face suddenly appears before me and the mind bows to Him in obeisance. Sometimes I also get restless and feel like crying aloud without any reason. There is only one goal in my mind – when will I be liberated? When will I attain the Final Liberation (Moksha)? – Sadhika

4.4 Due to the presence

Sattvik spiritual emotion remaining awakened for the entire week during Doctor’s visit to the district: It was only two months since I had begun repeating (chanting) the Name of my family deity when I got an opportunity to serve at H.H. Doctor’s programmes in Sangli. On 18th November 1997 from 6 a.m. onwards I was getting goose-flesh every two to five minutes. This continued till the completion of H.H. Doctor’s Sangli tour which lasted for a week. – Sadhak

4.5 By watching a video cassette

Weeping and feeling gratitude for Doctor on seeing His holy vision for the first time on a video cassette: When I saw H.H. Doctor on the video cassette for the first time I could not stop myself from crying. It continued for about 5 minutes and was totally beyond my control. I was really overcome by gratitude. – One seeker

4.6 By seeing a photograph

Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion on seeing Doctor’s photograph and perceiving that He is speaking: A seeker gave me a copy of H.H. Doctor’s photograph which I kept in our showcase. Once when looking at the photograph amidst repetition (chanting) of the Name of my family deity, suddenly tears started flowing from my eyes. I also felt as if H.H. Doctor were conversing with me. – Master Hemant , Children’s moral education class

4.7 While reading, by a holy text

Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion when reading a holy text compiled by Doctor and at other times as well: I was preparing a discourse with points 1 to 4 from the book ‘The Disciple’. I read the sections a second time. As I read the sentence, ‘However, since the Guru imparts knowledge of the soul principle (atmadnyan) no matter how much one does for Him, it is still far too little’ I was full of gratitude for the Guru and felt like weeping without any inhibition. [My basic personality being introverted I rarely remember having cried but ever since I began repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name, I have cried on several occasions. Most of the times these were tears of Bliss (Anand).] This incident was followed by expansive love for others, especially for God (and the Guru). – One seeker 

4.8 By repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name

State of spiritual emotion when repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name, looking at Doctor’s photograph and when thinking of Him: On 14th March 1998, in the morning when bathing, my eyes swelled with tears. It would happen to a greater extent when repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name. Even merely remembering H.H. Doctor, thinking about Him or seeing His photograph would make my eyes swell with tears which would increase in intensity. I experienced a lot of Bliss at that time. Tears flowed uncontrollably. This continued for about 20 to 25 minutes. – Sadhak

4.9 Through remembrance

A. Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion and experiencing a state of thoughtlessness on remembering Doctor: After Gurupaurnima, I no longer experienced the Bliss that I felt for several days. I now felt very serene. My eyes would swell with tears after remembering H.H. Doctor. Throughout the celebrations and for 2 to 3 days thereafter I remained in this state and in between also experienced thoughtlessness. Often I would be totally unaware of what was going on around me. – Sadhika

B. Awakening of spiritual emotion after becoming aware that Doctor Himself was serving seekers through me: Once as I stood with a plate of food in front of a seeker in whom a distressing energy had manifested the thought that crossed my mind was, ‘See how much H.H. Doctor loves this seeker. He is standing in front of her with a plate of food.’ It was as if instead of me, H.H. Doctor Himself was doing the task and tears swelled in my eyes. – Sadhika

C. Spiritual experience of Doctor coming for lunch when one harbours such a spiritual emotion and Doctor speaking to me: On 15th October 2002, the day of Dasra, I offered food unto God. At that time, I perceived that H.H. Doctor was none other than God and that he would manifest simultaneously that day in four places, viz. the four ashrams (hermitages) of the Sanstha at Phonda, Devad, Thane and Sion. I know that my Guru eats lunch at about 12.30 p.m. If food is not served to Him on time then after lunch time elapses, He hardly eats. Keeping this in mind, I quickly cooked for Him from 12 noon to 12.30 p.m. and was totally engrossed in it. Then I served the holy sacrament (naivedya) in two plates for H.H. Doctor and H.H. Maharaj because the latter led the former to Absoluteness, who became my Guru. I then informed Mr. Dinesh Shinde about the food being ready. Mr. Shinde requested me to offer the food myself. The moment I stepped back into the kitchen, I became aware of the presence of H.H. Doctor seated in a chair to eat. ‘I’ stood next to Him to serve Him. About 15 seconds later, H.H. Doctor told me to go about my chores and that He would help Himself. It was only then that I realised that ‘I’ had been standing there to serve Him. – Sadhika

4.10 Spiritual experiences during meditation of seekers having spiritual emotion

A. Aura of flowers surrounding Doctor seen in meditation by a seeker, after a prayer unto Him: On 11th January 2003 during meditation, I perceived red and white flowers alternately sticking onto the body of H.H. Doctor. I prayed to the flowers not to trouble H.H. Doctor in this way. That very moment, an aura of the flowers formed around H.H. Doctor. – Sadhika

B. When praying to Doctor in meditation, seeing His feet and hibiscus flowers falling onto them and the seeker cutting their stalks to prevent them from hurting Doctor: On 12th October 2002, I was repeating (chanting) the Name of Lord Ganapati. All of a sudden, the thought whether my repetition (chanting) was reaching The Lord entered my mind. I recollected that on the previous day we had been told that if we offer the repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name unto the Guru then He delivers it to The Lord. So I prayed unto H.H. Doctor to deliver it unto Lord Ganapati. At that point, I saw the holy feet of H.H. Doctor and red hibiscus flowers falling onto them. These flowers had long stalks which would hurt H.H. Doctor’s feet. So I prayed that they first fall in my hands so that I could shorten the stalks and then offer them unto H.H. Doctor’s feet. As I offered one flower, the previous one would vanish from there. This continued for half an hour. During this period, tears continuously flowed from my eyes and my eyes felt cool and serene. – Sadhika

C. When a seeker doubted during meditation whether her heart was deserving of Doctor’s presence, her getting a vision of Maharaj and Doctor seated on a carpet of flowers therein: On 13th October 2002 during meditation, I felt that I should request H.H. Doctor to assume a seat in my heart despite a chair being reserved for H.H. Doctor in the meditation room. The next thought in my mind was, is my heart pure and clean enough for H.H. Doctor to assume a seat in it? That very moment I saw yellow and red flowers being spread in abundance all over my heart and H.H. Maharaj and H.H. Doctor sitting on them. – Sadhika

D. Awakening of spiritual emotion during meditation after a prayer for Doctor due to realisation that the Gurus in the hierarchy are keeping a watch over Him: On 18th October 2002, I was meditating at the Ratnagiri ashram (hermitage) at about 7.30 a.m. During meditation, I entered H.H. Doctor’s room and placed my head on His feet. The moment I did that I realised that He was not well. Usually after worshipping His feet by repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name, I would go to the Dhamse ashram to pay obeisance to the deities there but that day I just could not let go of H.H. Doctor’s feet though I was well aware that I could do nothing for Him. Then I fervently started praying unto H.H. Maharaj (the Guru of H.H. Doctor) and H.H. Saish (the Guru of H.H. Maharaj). After sometime, I was overwhelmed realising from within that They were all keeping a watch on Him. It also dawned upon me that other than acquiring His grace, there can be no other mission or objective in life. His grace bestows one with everything in the world. If one achieves everything in life but not the Guru’s grace then it is all in vain. Ever since, when repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name or meditating I cannot leave His feet and go elsewhere. Whenever I think of The Lord’s Name, I realise that I am at the feet of H.H. Doctor. – Sadhika

E. Awakening of spiritual emotion after realising that Doctor was teaching me during meditation: On 11th October 2002 at 10 p.m. during meditation, I realised that a combat with distressing energies was going on outside. I prayed once again so that I could meditate with concentration and also that my prayer should reach H.H. Doctor and that I should get a vision of His holy feet. Yet H.H. Doctor did not come. Then I prayed, ‘May things occur as Your wish.’ Thereafter I felt the presence of a tremendous benevolent energy. From within, it was suggested that I should repeat (chant) the Name of Lord Maruti. When I complied, Lord Maruti assumed my place. I could perceive His tremendous effulgence. I was not distinct from Him. But I wondered why H.H. Doctor had done this and what He wished to teach through this. At that moment, I thought about Kolhapur and H.H. Doctor uttered ‘Dr. Surendra’ (the Sanstha’s in-charge of propagating Spirituality in Kolhapur). Then all of a sudden during meditation I began to cry. When I prayed unto Lord Maruti, He took me to Kolhapur and in the meditative state itself, spiritual emotion was awakened within me. – Sadhak

F. Doctor telling me during meditation that He would speak to me when I begin repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name with spiritual emotion: On 17th October 2002 during meditation, H.H. Doctor said, ‘If you wish to converse with Me then repeat (chant) the Name of Lord Ganesh with spiritual emotion.’ After doing so, a red light from my head advanced towards the picture of H.H. Maharaj and then H.H. Doctor began to converse with me. I realised that H.H. Doctor was experiencing distress. Later I learnt that that day at the Phonda ashram (hermitage) in Goa where H.H. Doctor resides, the attack by distressing energies had grown. – Sadhak

G. Due to spiritual emotion, Doctor proving to a seeker during meditation that her repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name was being delivered unto Lord Shiva by causing her subtle body to travel: On 11th October 2002, when in the Dhamse ashram, I was told to repeat (chant) ‘Om namaha Shivaya’. When repeating (chanting) it during the meditation hour in the afternoon, I saw myself entering H.H. Doctor’s room as usual and offering obeisance unto His holy feet before I began repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name. The thought that crossed by mind then was, ‘How can I offer red flowers and tulsi leaves unto Lord Shiva?’ Then I noticed that my worship platter had large white lotuses in it ! With repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name each time, I would offer one flower unto H.H. Doctor’s holy feet. The next thought in my mind was, ‘Is it appropriate to offer these flowers which grow in the muck to H.H. Doctor?’ From within, the answer that I received was, ‘Offer the lotus of Your heart’ and lo and behold, there was a beautiful lotus in place of my heart. I offered it at H.H. Doctor’s feet with intense spiritual emotion. Just then I wondered whether the repetition (chanting) I was doing was reaching Lord Shiva and looked upto H.H. Doctor. Though I did not speak a word, He smiled sweetly and pointing upwards said, ‘See for yourself’. When I did so, just as a rocket leaves the ground at high speed I began to rise. Despite travelling at such a high speed, there were no bodily movements. I cannot tell exactly where I reached but there from above there was a continuous flow of serene yellow light descending. I bathed in it and then automatically felt assured that my repetition (chanting) was being delivered to Lord Shiva. (I wonder how I was convinced of this when normally I analyse everything with my intellect.) – Sadhika

5. Awakening of spiritual emotion (bhav) due to deities

A. Awakening of sattvik (sattva predominant) spiritual emotion through prayer: I prayed to The Lord to manifest Himself and instantaneously experienced an internal upsurge of devotion and love. – One Seeker

B. Losing awareness of the body before offering obeisance to the family deity, awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion while offering obeisance and repetition (chanting) of Her Name occurring instead of hymns (arti): It was our first visit to the temple of the family deity at Tuljapur after coming to know that She was our family deity. As I stood in a queue waiting to pay obeisance to Her my repetition (chanting) of Her Name was going on. Gradually as the queue moved ahead we approached the entrance. At that time my repetition (chanting) of Her Name began to occur rapidly. I was not aware of when the people ahead of me in the queue moved 5 feet ahead. It was only when the other devotees behind called out to me that I came to my senses. I entered the temple and consecrated Her idol by sprinkling water (abhishek). I then came out and thinking of H.H. Doctor, offered obeisance to the deity. The Bliss that I experienced when I saw Her idol is indescribable. My eyes swelled with tears. After the ritualistic worship (puja) the priest asked us to sing a hymn (arti) in praise of the deity which I began as I knew it by rote. I somehow managed to sing the first two lines but thereafter instead of the hymn I began rapidly repeating (chanting) the Name of the deity. – Sadhak

C. Subtle fragrance emanating from the picture of Lord Datta, awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion by repeating (chanting) His Name and seeing the deities Brahma, Shrivishnu and Mahesh conversing in the picture of Lord Datta: Once I perceived fragrance emanating from the picture of Lord Datta. As I repeated (chanted) ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ seated in front of the picture, no sooner had I finished half of the first turn of the mala (Hindu rosary) than all of a sudden I began to sob. The tears that fell on my left hand were cold. As I reached the eight and ninth turn of the mala, the idol of Lord Datta in the picture appeared to smile at me. I too smiled. Thereafter Brahma, Shrivishnu and Mahesh separated from the idol and began to discuss something loudly and pointing towards me, laughed aloud. The Bliss (Anand) which I experienced after repeating (chanting) the ninth turn of the mala is beyond verbal description. – Sadhika   (Sattvik tears are cold and while tears of grief are warm. – Compilers)

6. Awakening of spiritual emotion due to Sanstha

6.1 Sanstha Prabhat

Awakening of sattvik (sattva predominant) spiritual emotion by the Sanstha Prabhat: As usual, on waking up in the morning, I opened the door to see if the ‘Daily Sanstha Prabhat’ had been delivered. Just then I saw a seeker of the Sanstha coming to deliver it. When I held the Gurupaurnima special issue in my hand, I experienced something quite unusual. As I browsed through its four pages, I experienced a different kind of Bliss and felt pleasant. As I kept it on the table, unknowingly I folded my hands in obeisance. Perception of the divine consciousness (chaitanya) in it brought tears to my eyes. The same spiritual emotion which was awakened within me when I offered the ritual of waving lit lamps (arti) unto H.H. Anand Maharaj last month, was aroused once again. – Sadhak

6.2 Demonstration of the spiritual practice of protecting seekers and destroying evildoers (kshatradharma)

Awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion during a rally demonstrating the spiritual practice of protecting seekers and destroying evildoers and feeling assured about the destruction of evildoers: The display of karate and stick (lathi) fighting was held at the December 1999 rally for the first time. After seeing the rally, I just could not control my sobs. My eyes swelled with tears again and again. My ears became hot and there was goose-flesh all over my body. This is the first instance in my life when I have been aroused by patriotism. I could perceive a great deal of divine consciousness in the atmosphere. The faith that evildoers would be certainly destroyed was strengthened further. – Sadhika

6.3 Ashram (hermitage)

A. Developing goose-flesh and hearing war songs (kshatragit) when viewing a photograph of the model of the Sanstha ashram: When I saw a photograph of the model of the Sanstha ashram made by Mr. Patil, a seeker of the Sanstha, in the daily Sanstha Prabhat, I developed goose-flesh and heard the lines ‘there is no injustice or corruption here’ and ‘all are one here; none is great or small’ from the war song ‘Hail Sanstha, Hail Sanstha’, ring in my ears (as if an audio cassette were being played in the ashram) and my eyes swelled with tears. Though I had developed goose-flesh and experienced divine consciousness (chaitanya) when I had looked at the photograph of the model of the ashram (hermitage) in the souvenir, seeing the picture of the model in the daily induced more goose-flesh in me. – Sadhak

B. Overcoming exhaustion after arrival at the office of the Sanstha Prabhat and perceiving the ambience there to be akin to that in a temple: We reached the office of the Sanstha Prabhat after travelling by bus continuously, without any sleep for two days. We were exhausted as we had been sleepless. The moment we stepped into the office we felt as if we had entered a temple. There was a lot of purity and sattvikta (sattva predominant atmosphere) there. This pleasantness got rid of our exhaustion instantaneously and we began to feel fresh once again. – Prof. Shrikant Bhat, Akola

7. Awakening of spiritual emotion at a saint’s tomb / temple

A. Seeker being able to see the state of spiritual emotion in another seeker at a saint’s tomb (samadhi) despite his eyes being closed: I was travelling to Sangli along with my wife and mother-in-law. On the way we halted at the tomb (samadhi) of the Saint to pay obeisance. When we reached there it was time for performing the ritual of waving lit lamps (arti) and singing hymns. Unexpectedly I was endowed with the opportunity of performing it by the priest. As I performed the ritual with my eyes shut, I could clearly see  mother-in-laws serene face. When I opened my eyes in amazement, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks due to awakening of spiritual emotion (bhav). – One seeker

B. Perceiving that a seeker is accompanying me at the Ramnathi temple in Goa, so also while travelling and awakening of sattvik (sattva predominant) spiritual emotion: When I went to the Ramnathi temple, I felt a surge of spiritual emotion and tears started flowing from my eyes. At that time I sensed the presence of one seeker with me and realised what they must have experienced at the Gurupaurnima of 1993. – One seeker

8. Awakening of spiritual emotion during Gurupaurnima

A. A vision of H.H. Maharaj, awakening of sattvik spiritual emotion and the holy water tasting like the water from the ritualistic worship of the holy feet of H.H. Maharaj: We were allotted the service of performing ritualistic worship of the Guru at the Gurupaurnima of 2000 A.D. As the worship began, I alternately saw holy visions of H.H. Maharaj and H.H. Dr. along with their holy feet. This induced goose-flesh all over my body and my eyes swelled with tears. After completion of all rituals, we began singing hymns amidst waving of lit lamps (arti). My husband was waving a lamp lit with five wicks in front of the top of the temple rather than the photograph of Baba. When I whispered to Him and asked about it, he said he could see Baba. After completion of the concluding ritual in the ritualistic worship (uttar puja), I offered my husband the holy water from the metal pot (kalash). After partaking of it he said, “At the Dhule Gurupaurnima, I had partaken of the holy water from the feet of H.H. Maharaj and that tasted exactly like this.” – Sadhika

B. Seeing Doctor actually sitting in front of me and performing the ritualistic worship of His holy feet (padyapuja) with spiritual emotion as the audio cassette of ritualistic worship was being played at the Gurupaurnima celebrations: As I heard the audio cassette of the ritualistic worship of the Guru, spontaneously my hands got folded in obeisance and my eyes closed. Thereafter I did not perceive anyone’s presence around me. I felt that Doctor was seated in a chair clothed in a white kurta and that I was performing ritualistic worship as per instructions given in the cassette. – Sadhika

9. Awakening of spiritual emotion due to trees, flowers, etc.

Seeker experiencing that even plants and flowers were experiencing Bliss (Anand) from sattvikta (sattva predominant nature): On 13th April 2003, Dr. (Mrs.) Nanda Sawant had delivered a discourse at the Shrirang centre. After it concluded, as she was waiting to leave for the Thane centre of the Sanstha, I perceived that the flower buds behind her were bending forwards to touch her. After the buds touched her, the twig containing the buds appeared very Blissful. My eyes swelled with tears. This incident taught me for the first time that even flowers and plants too acquire Bliss and divine consciousness from sattvikta. – Sadhika


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