Gain prowess through Spiritual Practice and then strive for Hindutva !


O supporters of Hinduism, instead of practising Hindutva at the emotional level gain prowess through Spiritual Practice and then strive for Hindutva !


‘There are many Hindus in our society who strive for Hindutva. They are very proud of Hinduism and are prepared to face any kind of hardships to protect it.They get agitated withHindu-haters and make all possible efforts to prevent harm to Hinduism and to stop denigration of Hindu Deities. What is important here is that, when we work for Hinduism or any other good cause, support from God is absolutely essential. Only then will our mission be successful. Even if we do not succeed due to an unfavourable period of time then our faith in Hinduism remains firm. I am enumerating some points below to show Hindu protagonists the significance of support from God, that is in other words, the importance of undertaking Spiritual Practice. – Sadhika[Jyeshtha Krushna Pratipada (27th June 2010)]

1.1 Ethics without Divine support is like a child deprived of parents

Mere ethics without Divine support is like a child deprived of parents. This means that in this frightful Kaliyug (era of strife) just being good, having good conduct, involvement in a good religious/righteous mission is not sufficient to attain success because the evil acts of evildoers during this period have reached a peak . Cruel evildoers are constantly hatching conspiracies to torment us. So not to prevent harm caused by them and to be able work for Hindutva at all times we need blessings from God and the grace of our Guru (spiritual guide) because finally only God and the Guru can ferry us through a crisis. To achieve that we have to undertake appropriate Spiritual Practice and seek their blessings. This is how we increase our spiritual prowess. [Sanstha and the Hindu Samiti are organisations which give proper guidance on Spiritual Practice ! – Compiler]

1.2 Following Dharma (righteousness) enhances the Sattva component and consequently the spiritual prowess

We do not want Hindutva to be practised at the emotional level. We want it to become our attitude as a result of continuous practice of achar (code of conduct) prescribed in Hinduism. This way Hindutva becomes powerful because by following the principles of Dharma we receive Divine blessings. Hence for all those who wish to participate in the mission of conserving Hindutva there is no alternative to Spiritual Practice , it is a must. Spiritual Practice enhances the Sattva component in you, creating spiritual prowess. This helps you to face any difficult situation in life with Divine protection. Also anti-Hindus and evildoers feel terrorised with the grace of God and they are prevented from harming us.

1.3 Spiritual experiences of being able to achieve impossible tasks with Divine support

You can get spiritual experiences of achieving impossible tasks with Divine support as energy from God is limitless. If we are devoted unto Him then when we call out to Him He rushes to our rescue and takes the task to successful completion. Hence the task is accomplished beyond our expectations. This in turn enhances our devotion unto Him . Actually He gets His own task done with us as mere participants. Yet He showers His grace upon us. In this way by surrendering doership to God if you strive for Hinduism then the mission will become even more expansive.

1.4 The true objective is not working for protection of the Hindu Dharma rather to win the grace of God

Our aim is not to protect the Hindu Dharma; it is to win the grace of God. To carry out a mission for Dharma you need tremendous spiritual prowess. As Saints possess this they can accomplish great missions by their sankalp (resolve) and even their presence. How much strength can we average humans possess and how much can we achieve with that ? Hence if we perform the task with the blessings and guidance from a Saint, we do not claim doership for it and the task is accomplished even more successfully . In addition we also receive Divine grace. Hence instead of working at the emotional level it is necessary to act after contemplation, with spiritual strength .

1.5 Importance of Divine support and grace of Saints !

Let us study a few incidents in the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to understand this .

Slaying of Afzal Khan by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Slaying of Afzal Khan by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj

A. For two months before the meeting of Afzal Khan and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at Pratapgad, Samarth Ramdasswami, his Guru, would offer abhishek (ritualistic bathing with water or milk) to the Linga (Divine Phallus) of Deity Rudra (Shiva) every day at Mahabaleshwar. That protected Shivaji Maharaj and the enemy got killed. This shows that mere planning and expertise in warfare is insufficient. Spiritual strength is also necessary to achieve success.

B. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj could easily escape from Aurangzeb’s prison because of blessings from two Saints and for his observing achardharma.

C. Merely with the blessings of Saints and the tej (radiance) generated in him due to Spiritual Practice Shivaji Maharaj could defeat the huge Mughal army and establish his own kingdom known as Hindavi Swarajya.

This makes it clear that to fight the cruel evildoers it is not sufficient to have only physical and mental strength or dedication unto a cause. To achieve success in the mission spiritual strength is very much essential .

It is my humble request to all Hindu protagonists to contemplate on this article and commence Spiritual Practice immediately to augment their spiritual prowess so that they can dedicate their lives for the Hindu cause wholeheartedly. I pray unto God and H.H.Doctor to give all Hindus protaganists the strength and wisdom to undertake Spiritual Practice !’


Foster spiritual emotion (bhav), not mere emotions for the Nation !








Often we feel dejected and at times also become emotional about the scenario of life-threatening acts, poverty and corruption in the Nation. We dream about an ideal Nation; but it only remains a dream.  We do feel intensely for our nation in waves but with passage of time this feeling dies down. Only if we feel bhav towards our Nation then do we feel like doing something to improve the circumstances  in the  country. Here an attempt has been made to explain the meaning of bhav why it is necessary and how to awaken it to some extent. 

Bhav is superior to emotion !

Emotions are perceived at the mental level. Emotion developed spontaneously in response  to a situation is temporary. On the other hand bhav is awakened in the subconscious mind. Though bhav is also generated spontaneously in response to a situation its awareness lasts for a long time. That is why  bhav is superior to mere emotion.

Contemplate on whether you have bhav for the nation by turning inwards!

Feeling dejected about our countrymen suffering due to starvation, the atrocities on our women, Hindu brethren getting killed in communal riots etc and worrying about the pathetic state of the country and wondering when its transformation will occur  are but transient emotions for the country.

    • Do you ever eat less thinking of those crores of your countrymen who starve ?
    • Have you ever shed tears for the injustice inflicted on your brethren in communal riots?
    • Have you ever felt disgusted towards the comforts and pleasures you are enjoying after knowing about the pitiable condition of the Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to leave Kashmir due to terrorism?

—– if you get such feelings then  you have some amount of bhav for the Nation.

Bhav arises from Sacrifice and Divine support  !

Many mawlas (Shivaji Maharaj’s soldiers) helped Chattrapati Shivaj Maharaj to establish a Hindavi Swarajya.  Every mawla  would hold a tulsi (Holybasil) leaf in one hand and a burning coal in the other and ask Shivaji Maharaj ‘Tell me o king what shall I choose between the basil leaf and  the burning coal to get Swarajya (independence). I shall do as you say.’
The foundation of Hindu culture is  sacrifice . An accomplished state is  a part of the fruit of Hindu culture. So it is but natural  to develop bhav for the Nation through an attitude of sacrifice.
Bhav is a reaction at the  spiritual level. Pure bhav for the Nation can develop only through Divine support . ‘O youth, if you are struggling for the survival of  the Nation then it should accept  the Hindu religious code of conduct completely ’, said Swami Vivekanand. There is total surrender in bhav. Only in total surrender does God bless us. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj had to face several  obstacles when establishing Hindavi Swarajya but he was able to overcome all of them because of his intense faith in  Deity Bhavanimata and also his righteous conduct .

To develop bhav for the Nation perform your duties for Dharma (religion) or do sadhana !

Only if one has bhav  for the  Nation then  his actions will  be in the interest of the Nation. Though this is an undisputed fact   it is equally true that if you  do something for the  Nation as your duty unto Dharma or simply as sadhana then  you will gradually develop bhav for the Nation. What can you do to achieve  this? Follow the guidance of  Saints who have  deep concern for the Nation, give donations to organisations doing selfless social service for national welfare and above all  become a part of  their mission !

The Desirable Mission of H.H. Dr. of creating social awareness about the Nation

A Saint who is perpetually engaged in the mission of giving spiritual guidance along with  guidance for protecting the Nation, to  society and Himself is  striving for the sake of the Nation incessantly, is H.H. Dr.! Each and everyone of us  thinks about the Nation in some way or the other. H.H.Dr. has undertaken this supreme task of enhancing these thoughts in society, for the last fifteen  years. He started the periodicals of ‘ Prabhat’ to create social awareness by  publishing fiery  articles. He was their editor for a year. Today the recognition that the periodicals are receiving as ‘the Daily expressing the feelings of patriotic Hindus’, is solely due to the merits behind the thoughts of H.H.Dr. ! He wrote Holy texts  on, ‘The Kashmir issue’, ‘The mentality of Pakistan’, ‘Pakistan’s Strategic Superiority over  Bharat’,  ‘The Kargil War’ and ‘Social Upliftment, National Security  and Awareness of Righteousness’, to awaken the Nation.  He has also compiled hundreds of series of articles relating to corruption, journalism, justice, etc. to create social awareness.

The Sanstha and Hindu Samiti are striving to awaken the nation

By founding the Sanstha H.H. Dr. opened the doors of spiritual progress to sadhaks. When guiding them on sadhana He also kindled national pride in them. That is why today Sanstha’s sadhaks organise discourses  on national security, at various places. In schools awareness is created on the Nation through lectures followed by questionnaires to students. Through  street plays, rallies for promoting Dharma, etc. they involve both young and old in this national mission. The Hindu Samiti striving for uniting Hindus and creating awareness plays an equally important role in the mission of national security by launching campaigns  to stop dishonour  of national emblems such as  the national flag, national anthem etc. stopping the fabrication of the map of Bharat, the deliberate changes in history books in school textbooks and the deliberate degradation of freedom fighters and revolutionaries in the textbooks. Through such campaigns,  the Samiti is doing great work for the Nation. That is why participation in the activities of the Hindu Samiti and Sanstha would amount to rendering service unto the Nation.

It will be possible to establish a Divine Kingdom only with bhav

One fostering bhav for  the Nation is a true patriot. An extremely beautiful Divine Kingdom will be established with  the guidance of Saints through such patriots. God is giving you an invaluable opportunity to participate in this mission of his by becoming a patriot. Do not let go of this opportunity !